Our Beginnings

ASHE Franklin was the 3rd ASHE Section to Charter on September 1, 1962

Charter Officers – 1962 – 1963

President – Burger M. Brunsgaard
1st Vice President – William G. Gibb
2nd Vice President – Robert I. DeBell
Treasurer – George Corbett
Secretary – Robert T. Kyper
Director – Victor A. Ward
Director – Warren Crossley

Charter Members of the Franklin Section

Edward J. Berry
Burger M. Brunsgaard
George Corbett
Warren Crossley
Neil Culbertson
Robert I. DeBell
Albert P. Fiscus 
Robert F. Gerwick, Jr.  *
William W. Gibb
Joseph R. Gilliland
William H. Greggs
John K. Hallenburg
Arthur W. Harrah
Leo H. Lauer
Raymond K. Martin
William H. McKie
Homer W. Nicklin
William J. Pope
Laurence Holt
Steven Morkesich
Donald Wilson

* Charter Member Still With Us To-Date

George C. Roth
W. Glenn Rough
Norton R. Sewell
Charles A. Smith
Robert E. Smith
James A. Snyder, Jr. 
Archie E. Sterrett
Earl G. Surrena
 Clarence A. Walters
Victor A. Ward
Gordan G. Wellman
Perry N. Wood
Robert T. Kyper
Christian F. Eben, Jr.
Elmer Harrah
Joseph Mundo
Lewis Ankney
Michael Baker III
Samuel Kennedy
Ronald Murtha

Through the Years

Members that Served as National Presidents

1967 – James R. Barnicle, P.E.
1980 – Gene G. Smith, P.E.
1988 – Michael J. Suich
1995 – Thomas ‘Tim’ Haslett, P.E.

Members Served as Region National Directors

Thomas J. Haslett, P.E.            1989 – 1992
Shirley Stuttler                       1997 – 2003
Jean Zarger                            2003 – 2006
George H. Willis, P.E.                2011 – 2015
JT Lincoln, P.E.                        2015 – 2020
Max Heckman                          2020 – Present 

Member Served as Region Director

Timothy Olson

Member Served Assistant to National President

Shirley Stuttler        2003 to 2019

4th Honorary ASHE Member

Gene G. Smith         June 2001

National “Man-of-the-Year”

B. J. Smith          1989

Hosted National ASHE Conferences

1966 – Erie, PA
1972 – Titusville, PA
1981 – West Middlesex, PA
2002 – Erie, PA

Current Life Members

Robert Fromknect
Donald Hall
William Petit
Thomas Piecknick
Thomas Podskalny
Shirley Stuttler

National Awards

The National President’s Award was presented to member Gene G. Smith in 1978 for the establishment of new Sections. During his term on the National Board, Gene served as Chair of the New Sections Committee.  New ASHE Sections were chartered; two in Ohio and two in West Virginia.

Member, B. J. Smith, was recipient of the 1989 Robert E. Pearson/Person of the Year Award.  Sections are asked to select a nominee for this most prestigious award.  Consideration is to be given, by the Section, as to whether this person is active in any highway related societies, has had impact on the highway industry statewide, that the person is willing to give personal time for the good of the industry and does this person have overwhelming respect of his/her peers.

The Franklin Section was the recipient of the Robert E. Yeager Award in 2008, 2010 and 2012.  This award is given annually to the Section with the best balance of employment categories supporting the highway industry. ASHE’s goal of representing everyone involved in the highway industry without prejudice to education or professional licensing is best supported by a broad spectrum of employment categories from government officials to vendors.

Member, Shirley Stuttler, received the National President’s Award in 2011 for her administrative leadership to the National Board by maintaining a log of to-do items for the Executive Board Members and all standing committee chairs, along with maintaining a frequent dialog with the Sections across the country.

The Franklin Section received their 50 Year Certificate in 2012.

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