B.J. Smith Scholarship

Member Scholarship

(Awarded in January - One $4,000 scholarship or two $2,000 scholarships)

In honor of decades of tireless commitment and personal involvement in the Pennsylvania Transportation System and relentless support of the Franklin Section’s College Grant Program, the Franklin Section of ASHE named its’ member Scholarship Fund the B. J. Smith Higher Education Grant effective November 14, 2007.  B. J. Smith was a Life Member of the Section and actively participated in the Franklin Section from 1981 until his death in 2018.  BJ bequeathed the ASHE Franklin Section part of his estate that will fund the BJ Smith Scholarship into perpetuity.

ASHE Franklin will award scholarships to relatives of members of the Franklin Section of ASHE. See Member Application for additional information.

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Shirley Stuttler

Non-Member Scholarship

(To be awarded in April - Up to four $500 scholarships)

ASHE Franklin will award scholarships to students who reside or attended school in Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango or Warren Counties and are pursuing a career or course of study in Civil Engineering or Transportation/Highway related fields. This scholarship was named in 2020 the Shirley Stuttler College Scholarship for her outstanding contributions to ASHE and the ASHE Franklin Section.  Up to four $500 scholarships are awarded per year. 

See Non-Member Application below for additional information.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships will be awarded annually to applicants of good personal character who demonstrates satisfactory academic achievement. The number and amount of scholarships will be based on annual fundraising and the number of worthy applicants received.


The scholarship applications may be downloaded below and should be typed or printed in ink.

Download B. J. Smith member application
Download Shirley Stuttler non-member application

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